URL to get the browser result of the file uploaded to BOLT

Is there any other method to get the HTML page of BOLT without typing the IP address.
For e.g , for seeing the result , I need to type my BOLT DEVICE’S IP address as URL in the address bar . So is there any other way to get the same result by typing any other or modified URL ?

You can use a bit of batch here
type start “” http://any_url_ u_ want and save the file with a .bat extension.Now all you need to do is just double click it to open the url in your default web browser

you can even type start “” http://any_url_ u_ want in command prompt to open the url

Hi Archit,

Please allow to me ask this as I am not from Computer science branch.:disappointed_relieved:

Can you please elaborate what I need to type in the Notepad as a code to get the result (which I am aspiring for) ? . Unfortunately I din’t understand what you want to say!

Note: I am confused with the word start""

For example if you want to open the site www.google.co.in then,
you must type --> (start “” http://www.google.co.in) i.e. everything enclosed within the brackets except the brackets themselves.
So to open bolt upload site while connected to the same network as bolt type
(start “”
As I mentioned in the previous post you can either directly type this in the command prompt and prees enter or save this as a .bat file which on double clicking works the same way as cmd prompt
Once you double click (in case of .bat file) or press enter (in case you directly type the command into cmd prompt), a new tab with your requested url opens up in your default browser
Here are some screenshots, take a look

but the IP address of bolt device is dynamic than how it will automatically open