Usage on 5GHz WiFi?

Hello, i wanted to ask if there is any way i can use the module at 5Ghz wifi. I ask because last i checked on the website, it said that it is not available at the moment. I just wanted to know if there was any update on that.

Hi @achaldubey27,

No, you can’t connect your Bolt device to a 5Gz wifi network. I have sent this feedback to the hardware team.

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

I’m sorry, but i didn’t understand. You said, i can connect it to 5.4GHz. So do i have to buy new Hardware or the old one would be enough?

The bolt module Does Not support connecting to 5 GHz networks. You can change the frequency in your router settings. Or connect it to a mobile hotspot

Hi @achaldubey27,

Sorry, there was a typo. We can’t connect the Bolt device to the 5Gz wifi network.