USB cable is stuck

Usb cabel is stucked to bolt and I tried but it is not coming out and I am not applying much force to take it out because I am afraid.

hi amankapri143 i too had faced this but on gently keeping on pulling the usb cable it came out…just hold the bolt firmly on the sides and keep gently pulling the usb cable it will come out.

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I tried many times but still not coming out

Hello amankapri143! I agree it is difficult to remove the micro USB from the bolt module because whenever I attempted to remove it, I feared breaking the soldering. You can do what I started doing recently. Instead of pulling the micro USB out, let it always be connected to the module, and when you are done working with that module, pull out the USB-A alone (the big one) from the power source (because you will always be using the USB cable with the module you can avoid pulling out the micro USB. Leave it connected to the module).
If you still want to remove the USB cable from the module then, hold the female USB with two fingers and slowly remove the male micro USB accompanied with slow wiggles (left to right). Trust me it will take a good amount of your time to remove the micro USB from the module, but don’t lose patience during the process.

Use the usb cable in correct way.easily you can connect.

HOLD the corners of module and at a same time hold USB at end ,dont apply to much force on cable.And next time remember if you have a mini USB at your home then try that one ,sometimes it may be manufacturing defect

i think you pin was too tight. so, try to put it slow by holding the module side and be careful while putting.