USB Cable provided by Bolt stuck in Bolt Module

I’ve successfully set-up the bolt module and bolt cloud. But the usb cable that bolt provided is kinda stuck in the module. It won’t come out. I’m not applying much pressure because I’m afraid the module will get damaged if I do so.

Hey @patwardhanatharva6 ,

Please provide the image for that. It would be more specified by the image.

don’t worry,hold the boltiot module sides without touching any pins and remove will comes.don’t worry module will not damage…

Attaching the image. As you can see in the image, the USB’s teeth (if you can call them that) have fixed themselves inside the female usb of the Bolt module.

Hi @patwardhanatharva6

Don’t worry. Just try pressing in the USB teeth gently and simultaneously pull the USB slowly by holding on to the edges of the BOLT module. You may take help of someone for holding the module so that excess pressure is not applied on the BOLT module.
Hope this solves the issue.

Tried doing that. The teeth are way too small to be pressed by fingers/toothpicks.

Hi, its the same issue that i encountered. There is nothing to worry about this situation . Be patient and remove it with little of your strength. Do not press the wifi module with pressure. Hold the edges , remove it then . It would take some time as safety of wifi module is our prime concern.

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Try using 2 safety pins or needles and stick them in on the sides of the stuck cable(make sure the switch is off) to avoid hitting the metal contacts.Push the tips passed the stuck piece and then angle them up or down to provide leverage.Then pull out,applying even pressure to the both sides.