USB port is removed from the bolt wifi module. Please help me out with this condition

I think, you should first temporarily connect those pins of the USB port to the Bolt WIFI module in a correct configuration. After doing this, check whether the module is working or not by holding the USB port properly. If it works fine, then only solder the USB port to the WIFI module, if possible. And please, while soldering the port be very cautious, as it might get dangerous.

My wi-fi module work properly by holding usb port but very diffecult to shoulder that perfectly. So is there any warranty policy or not.

Hi @ahiraditya93, I assume there is no any such kind of policy on damage done from the user’s end. If you really wish to learn, let’s get “jugaadu”.
Take two wire pieces and solder end to end with the bolt module and the broken USB port.
Again, be cautious!

Problem is resolved