USB power pin was loosely fixed and broken while connecting

my bolt iot kit power pin has been broken how can fix it or how can i can buy another one ?

I don’t think this is going to work. You’ll have to buy a new one or see if some electronics store near your home can repair it.


We will be replacing your kit. You will get a call from the concerned team within next 2 working days.

Even i am facing the same issue ,when i tried to disconnect the usb pin from the BOLT module it came off easily

Mail to replacement team with the attachment of the picture you posted after verification you will be send by an replacement kit of it

Thanks for the quick response , I mailed my issue to along with the photos and received a mail that they would reply to me by monday.

My USB power pin also came off easily while connecting. Will it be replaced??


We can provide a replacement under certain conditions. You can shoot a video of your module, and upload it to the drive. Share the PUBLIC link of the file to