Use bolt cloud to train neural networks

I want to use bolt cloud to train a neural network.As we know training a neural network requires powerful cpu and gpu. So my question is - Can I use Bolt Cloud service to train my Neural Network Model ?

@vinayak.joshi Can you please help her out?

Hi @simarjit.atwal:

As you pointed out correctly training a neural network requires a powerful CPU. Such a CPU requires the user of the CPU to pay quite a bit to make use of the CPU.

We are looking into systems that would allow you to run Machine learning algorithms on the Bolt Cloud. Unfortunately ensuring such a system to allow training of neural network via the Bolt Cloud, while keeping the system cost effective is very very complicated, and will take quite a bit of time to develop.

As such the simple answer to your question is, no. You cannot use the Bolt Cloud service to train a neural network model currently.

You can always create a droplet on online processing power providers such as Digital Ocean and use the droplet to train the neural network model.