Use of bot iot to me when I am still in school

Hey i am Ansh Arora studying in class 12th Standard computer science student,my question is working on Bot iot project any worth for career?

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Yes If you are interested in ML and AI then you can start it. It would be cool if you try it.

Ya Sure Brother, Industrial 4.0 is now creating new revolution in all Industrial Sector . Take Bolt Iot Project is basic learning in Internet of things . Bolt Iot training very very useful for your future

If you are keen to create your carrier in Engineering.and since you are in class 12 its more preferable from me to study for your Entrance exam such as JEE mains, and get admission In better college in your college you get enough time to explore your intrest .I wouldn’t like to prefer you to start this mid while during class 12.