Use of different pins

How are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5V, 3V3, GND, A0, TX, RX pins all different from each other?
Also in which case do we use which pin?

Hey @steveblessen98
Different pins are available in our bolt wifi module.Each pin has it’s own use.

  • GND pin:It is the ground pin, it can be used for connecting to the ground of the circuit.This pin is at zero voltage with respect to the power supply and ground plane of the circuit board.Thus, can be one of the power supplying pin as that of vcc.

  • A0 pin:It is an analog input pin 0.It can only be used to read the analog input.The voltage value on this pin is divided into steps internally and then converted into digital form. This conversion is done by ADC(Analog to Digital Converter).

  • VCC:The power supplying pin to our device is the vcc .ie, the supplying voltage can be 5v or 3.3v(3v3).It is the power input of a device.

  • TX and RX pins:These pins are mainly used for serial communication(transmitting and receiving).

  • GPIO pins:They are General Purpose Input and Output pins.They are numbered as 0,1,2,3,4.These pins can either be used to get input for your program outside the CPU or to provide output to the user.Simply saying, these pins can make your devices on or off.Eg…for lighting up an LED you may be using GPIO pin 0 and will be setting it to high or low in order to lights it up or not.These pins can be either used as inputs or outputs.
    Some uses for GPIOs as inputs:
    * detect button presses
    * receive interrupt requests from external devices
    Some uses for GPIOs as outputs:
    * blink an LED
    * sound a buzzer
    * control power for external devices.

Also, for doing our hands-on experiments with the provided bolt kit they clearly explains about using which pin in each of those project works.

Hope this will be useful for you.Thank you

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Okay I get it now
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