Use of light monitoring system

What is the use of light monitoring system?

It is mainly used to track the usage of light using sensors and the one using the wireless system to control the energy consumption and uses reduction measures through power conditioning and control

Basically light monitoring system is used for determining the amount of light energy is falling on the LDR sensor i.e. the part of our hardware kit.Now applying this concept we can find out the better place where the maximum light falls and minimum. So that we can take care our garden plants and other crops which need maximum light energy/ intensity. In LDR we use the conversion from light energy to electrical energy, here as much as light energy falls then electrical energy (voltage) increases. So that more electrical energy indicates more light energy.

Using light sensors we can know the total amount of light falling on LDR(Light Dependent Resistor). Now making the light monitoring system we can check that which place is best for some work i.e. depending on the amount of light we can know the best place . From this we get the light intensity of a place, if its less than minimum value or greater than maximum value then that place is not suitable for that work. LDR is a light controlled resistor. With increasing light intensity , resistance value decreases it means photo conductivity increases .

A light monitoring system which will automatically turn on the light when it will detect that the intensity of the light has reduced.