Use of resistor in project 7

While doing project 7,I tried to connect a resistor just the way it was shown in home automation section.But the LED didn’t glow.When I removed the resistor it worked.So just wanna ask can we use resistor in project 7?

Define with the name of project,not with number.And describe your problem in a good way, that a reader understand clearly.

Hi @nishabalar131,

Check this thread I changed the resistor used in the hardware connection of first project

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

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Hi @rahul.singh1
Thanks for your information.I have checked the thread mentioned by you.Just wanted to know if I can connect 1 leg of resistor to the positive end of LED and the other end of resistor to any GPIO instead of replacing the resistance of the resistor?


I believe the answer to your question is yes, but this would be true only if I have understood your question correctly.

Could you draw a schematic of what you are asking about, and share the same here?

Hi @vinayak.joshi
Thanks for your response