Using bolt as a wifi testing device

I got my bolts up and running like a dream for some funky house automation tools but I am now working on a new project where I want to see if Bolt would be able to do the following.

I want to test wifi connectivity at different spots (same network SSID) and see the speeds at these locations by means of running a few “pings” to different websites.

What I want Bolt to do:

  1. connect to the wifi (got that part down)
  2. ping 2 websites every X seconds
  3. report to bolt cloud the ping times
  4. do some learning depending on some other factors like: amount of users on wifi and throughput of certain bottlenecks in the network (i can provide all of this data)

My problem:
I don’t see any way in the main “product setup” section to actually run my own code on Bolt. I don’t need any of the input / output pins of the Bolt, I just need its wifi capabilities ;). When someone does know how to run my own code on the Bolt I’m interested to know which language I can use (can I use same code as Arduino for example?)

Any help would be appriciated, let me know if any info is missing!


The Bolt IoT platform is a tool which lets you connect your projects and things (Hence the term Io’T’) to the internet.

To enable a user to do just that in a hassle free manner, we have written a firmware which allows the user to make different IoT projects without requiring to change the firmware of the product.

While it is possible to change the firmware (It is a device based on the esp8266), to ensure that one customer’s experiments don’t interfere with the working of the Cloud (and consequently degrade the experience of other customers), we do not allow customers to change the firmware on the Bolt WiFi module.

You can, however, use a separate device (Such as the nodemcu or a generic esp8266) to carry out the network tests and relay the result to the Bolt Cloud using, by relaying the results to the Bolt WiFi device via UART.

Read up on Interfacing Controllers to lear more about the same.

Thanks for the info!
I will use my Bolts for a different project then :slight_smile: