Using Bolt IoT in real world

When working on real world projects, how are we supposed to use Bolt IoT module looking at the fact that it requires power supply all the time to work and using a power bank or any other power supply won’t be feasible.

Today every thing is running on power supply from direct current or from battery power. so in real world we can’t even run any electronic device without power supply. Any how we have to provide power otherwise how it will work.

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Without electric u can power on tv kushag?

Obviously not, but bolt wifi module is not being used there right!

Also, if we look at real world products like smart lamp which could be carried anywhere, you won’t be giving continuous power supply to smart lamp for it to work instead you would use batteries. Now the question is, how would you give power to the module with batteries.

@kushag09 understand your question very good accurately and it is also a very good question board module does take input with a normal phone charger but the input is between 5 to 3 volts so if you think you can handle that voltage exactly then you can use your batteries to connect it but you need to do some soldering in the circuitry of bolt hold is an good source to learn but it’s not a very good source to create real life projects

@hemsharan2050 So what should be used to create real life projects?

rasberrypi would be best