Using LDR sensor light control

how to control light using LDR sensor??


Can you be more specific of exactly what you need to do

hello i want to develop a project using LDR Sensor for automatic power control is it possible.
like when any one enter the room light automatically on and when he/she went out light will automatically off plz help me out…

I feel Bolt is not a an ideal platform for it. Bolt will help you in connecting devices over the internet. For your application I suggest you to use Arduino. Though with Bolt you can log the value of LDR on cloud and know till what time the light was on or the power consumption can be moniotred.

@PPV Dear Sir,
How can we monitor power consumption of an LED connected to Arduino and Bolt using LDR values ?

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

For measuring the power consumption of a device, you need to measure the voltage across the pins of the device and the current flowing through the device.

You can go through the following link to find out how to use the Arduino to do the same.

You can then interface the Arduino with the Bolt WiFi module, and send the data to the Bolt Cloud. Please go through the following link to find out how to connect the Arduino to the Bolt WiFi module.

@vinayak.joshi @PPV Sir,
Please tell me how to monitor power consumption using LDR

Hi @swethatsunil.mec,

Using LDR for monitoring power consumption is very unreliable. You will not get consistent results. It is as good as impossible.

hi @singh.vikash330 to develop this kind of project you will have to another controller module such as arduino. Using BOLT you can only record the readings of the sensor on cloud but cannot control another output device simultaneously

@vinayak.joshi Thank you Sir