Using values from a proximity senor in an IF statement!

i would like to know the syntax of ‘if’ statements, where do we place them and a working code for depicting the result using an LED…please help

i think you’re looking for this

Short Answer

//assuming sensor input pin is at pin4
//get input and store it var proximityInput = digitalRead(4); //will be either "HIGH" or "LOW" //check accordingly if ( proximityInput == "HIGH" ) { ....//do something } else if ( proximityInput == "LOW" ) { ....//do something else } else { ....//do something if neither }

Syntax is the same as C++.

The code var proximityInput = digitalRead(4) doesn’t work as expected. (digitalRead() doesn’t return anything)
Adapt it according to the code here

Where do I place the statement??

inside a javascript file.
Here’s how the whole thing works.
The HTML file describes the skeleton of the webpage
The CSS file describes the styling.
The JS file (eg: bolt.js) contains scripts that require calculations.

So put the script in a .js file (say script.js), upload it to the bolt.
And then import it. Like this:
<script type="text/javascript" src="/serveFile?filename=bolt.js"></script>


somewhere in the <head> or <body> insert <script type="text/javascript">***</script>
Where *** is the code
PS: check the edit of the initial reply I gave