Values of project number 1

can anyone discuss how your values is coming out from light_monitor project ,I saw that values for some in come in thousand like 1.02 thousand some are just numeric like 7 6 etc can anyone explain it!!!?

The values are always dependent of the amount of light falling on the Light Dependent Register(LDR), as the maximum amount of light it can show is 1.02 thousand and minimum can be in-terms of small numeric values like 5,10…

I too had the same problem. Ensure that the resistor is firmly inside the connector of the module. It just becomes loose and comes out easily. If you ensure that the resistor is has not got disconnected, it’ll work.

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The maximum amount of light they show is 1024. You can hide the LDR by your hand and then check the amount of light it is smaller value like 400,450 you can also check the value by switch off the lights of your room or on and see the amount of light.

try in the dark that is night and in light that is day u can observe the changes