Vibration Sensor

How can i connect the vibration sensor(sw-420) to my bolt iot and how can i print the vibration reading measured by the sensor ?? Can i get a python code for this for my understanding ??
This would be helpful for my final year project.


The given sensor cannot be directly interfaced with the Bolt WiFi module.

You can however use an Arduino to connect the sensor with the Bolt WiFi module.

Please go through the following link for an implementation of the same.

Thanks @vinayak.joshi
Can i interface gps module with Bolt iot through arduino uno ??
Because my final year project deals with sensing the vibration and send the location via SMS.


I do not know of any instance where someone has done this, but essentially it is not much different from interfacing the virbration sensors to the UNO and sending the data to the Cloud.

I cannot add bolt library in my arduino ide id it shows this error @vinayak.joshi
Can you help me ??


Have you tried using the steps given in the installation guide given in the link below?

I have added the bolt library to arduino ide and learnt the UART commands
Now i want to know the hardware connections of bolt iot and arduino uno and gps.
(Normally, Rx of gps module to Rx of arduino uno and Tx of gps module to Tx of arduino uno and GND of gps module to GND of arduino uno and VCC gps module to 5v of arduino uno ia done) If i want to interface bolt-iot with arduino and gps, how should the connections be made?
I have the seen the discussion of the gps module interface with bolt iot in bolt forum and understood the coding part. But I’m not clear with the hardware connections
Can you help me out @vinayak.joshi


Please go through the following link which shows you how to use pins other than the tx and rx pins of the Arduino uno to interface the Bolt WiFi module.

Also look at the changes mentioned for setting up the software connection.

I have created an earthquake detector using vibration sensor,arduino ,buzzer led indicator and lcd display. Now i want to connect it with bolt so that instantaneous sensor values could be graphed and i get a telegram notification on my phone when threshold passes. Please help me out?. I need urgent help because in 2 days i want to submit it for exhibition in my college.

Sorry @pankaj.tecky
I didn’t complete the project
Once i complete I’ll let you know

Can you please tell me atleast one thing whether live monitoring of vibration sensor is possible or not with bolt

Possible by fetching the data from the arduino

Hi @vinayak.joshi

I’m getting this error can you help me get through this
i studied the serial Write command and I have also tried serialWrite(‘Hello’) again it shows the same error.


Could you share a screenshot of the code that you have written?
Also, include the code where you write serialWrite(‘Hello’) and the exact error that the code prints.

I’m first trying to get the location from gps module and send the location through twilio.

I’ll attach my arduino code for gps module for your reference

#include <TinyGPS++.h>
#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#include <BoltIoT-Arduino-Helper.h>
#ifndef API_KEY
#define API_KEY “204813d8-31fc-42de-ac7b-032a50cc81e5”
#ifndef DEVICE_ID
#define DEVICE_ID “BOLT292091”
static const int RXPin = 0, TXPin = 1;static const uint32_t GPSBaud = 9600;
TinyGPSPlus gps;
SoftwareSerial ss(RXPin, TXPin);
String getGPSData(String *data)
{ String returnString="";
while (ss.available() > 0)
if (gps.encode(
if (gps.location.isValid())

    Serial.print(, 6);
    Serial.print(F(" "));
    Serial.print(gps.location.lng(), 6);
    returnString = "" + String( + "," + String(gps.location.lng()) + "\n";
  return returnString;
void setup(){
void loop(){