Video buffering issue

The lecture video is not loading. There is one particular video lecture which always is buffering from one particular time .Do help me resolve this issue

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Hi @gpoorna02,

Can you try changing the network and check if you are facing the same issue?

@gpoorna02 checkout your network speed otherwise change your network.

hi @gpoorna02,
Go back and replay it and don’t play it in full screen mode or try to skip 2 to 3 seconds ahead in the video. Then your video will not buffer. And also check your network. Once try like this.

Try login into the boltiot portal again and restart your wifi router.
You can also try having one device connected to your router.

I tried and its still the same.
i feel there is a issue from the video itself

@gpoorna02 use a different browser and then try again. Or even try with a different device

Which network and browser are you using?

Is this the Building Your First Webpage video? If so, I am facing the same issue. The video plays normally for a while and then stops playing at the 5:02 timestamp. It keeps buffering after that. On trying to skip ahead to a later timestamp, the video goes to the very beginning. I cleared the cache and also tried from different browsers (Chrome and Edge) and different networks. But nothing seems to be working. It’s always the same time when the video stops playing. The other videos seem to be playing fine. It seems the issue is only with this particular video. I tried both with full screen and without full screen. I also tried on my smartphone.

EDIT: I managed to solve this issue by skipping ahead in the video.

When I had tried it earlier, I had skipped ahead after reaching timestamp 5:02. But that didn’t work.

This time I directly skipped to 5:04 before ever reaching 5:02. So it started playing from there. It’s just the 1 or 2 seconds near 5:02 which had the problem apparently.