Video Live stream over Internet for a web controlled bo

I am using an esp 32 cam board for live streaming the video in LAN. Is there any other way to port forward it and make and steam in WAN without raspberry pi and programming in bolt cloud?

Thanks for this video @Adith625 bro. This won’t solve the problem fully. I will have to use a home assistant. Please do get in touch if you come across some other solutions.

For home assistant, check out IFTTT and similar services. The hv integrations for Google assistant. For controlling the output, you could try using webhooks, to send a get request to an unused path. I am not completely sure about this method. Anyway git it a try…

Thanks for your quick response @Adith625 bro. I have no idea with these. It would be great if you could share the steps point by point in a simple way. I know it may take a lot of time for you but if you can offer that I will be really happy.

Checkout these videos, you will get an idea of the platform.Even i dont hv much knowledge about esp32cam(as i dont hv 1). but i have a rough idea how to make it work. you can see this video make the video straming part. For controlling any other thing like lights/led see this.also view this video for controlling the board by sending an get request to a predefined path. ig the same can be done through webhooks.

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