Video of Final project

Do I need to include video of final self made in the PDF document or is there any different method?
Also how do I upload the video on the hackster site? Please guide for both the queries

@SiddharthBhandarkar You have to upload the video on youtube and you have to upload your code and document with instruction on hackster

You first have to upload the video on Youtube.
Log in to Youtube,and create a personal channel.Upload your project video.Before you click on the upload icon, choose the option as ‘Public’ from the privacy tab.
Add the hashtags #boltiot, #IoTMLChamp. You could also add more hashtags so that more viewers can reach your video.
In the description section, write a few lines describing the project. And also enter the hackster link of your project. You will get this link on after uploading and publishing the project.

On Hackster site,click on video icon and enter your Youtube video URL to embed the video.

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what should i do after uploading video on YouTube.
this is my final project link which i made on YouTube –
do i have to upload this video in some where else too?
please answer me if anyone knows

You have to share this very video link during exam. All the best!

In this certificate test, I also submitted the project video on my YouTube channel but the mark is not counted. I did not get the mark of the final project that I made. I got only 58% mark there is no count my final project mark.

Please, help me.

It takes 2-3 working days to update your result as your project needs to be manually checked. Keep a check on your inbox as well as on spam folder.

is it mandatory to make video other than document for final certification test

Video is not mandatory for final project. You can however upload the video on youtube and share the link in your project. Currently, you don’t have to host it on hackster but rather on the details of which have been mentioned in the instructions of the course.