Videos in the course fails to play

All the videos in the course content fails to play.

check your mail once.if your payment is completed they sent you a mail which allows to access the course.

Do use your same email id for creating account in
In case, you have logged in different email id, then u have to log out the profile then again click on the link given on your mail and log in using the same email id.
Then if your payment is done then u will get a option “go to the Course” as shown in the tutorial video.
After that you can surely access the videos. :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:

Use the same email id for login which you used while purchasing the course and build your account on Then login using the email id. Once your payment is done and you have applied for COD then you will be able to access course in 2 days.

Check weather flash player is installed in your browser…

check if all the needed softwares are installed if you are using a windows os specially.