I cannot use square brackets and greater than and less than operators in ubuntu keyboard in virtual box. Can anyone help me out with this issue.

you might have entered wrong keyboard layout while setting up ubuntu…

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Can you please suggest which keyboard layout to choose

@thishon.ec20 while installing the Ubuntu as VPS, it asks you to Configure your keyboard in which you have to select the Yes button and then accordingly some keys which are presented on the screen.
As Ubuntu while installing predicts your keyboard layout after you completes configuring the keyboard. It majorly depends on the keys which you pressed and I am sure you must have pressed a wrong key while going through the process.

So you must remove the current Ubuntu OS and then re-install the same because through that way only the Keyboard Layout can be fixed. At the time of installing Ubuntu again do follow these steps:

Step 1: Make sure that you hit the Yes button when the installation prompt asks you to Configure the keyboard.

Step 2: Then you willl be shown some characters, you have to press any one of them through your keyboard.

Step 3: Then comes the crucial part, the prompt will ask you to click on Yes or No depending on the characters your keyboard has!

If you using a general QWERTY keyboard then you must be clciking on No for almost all of the characters. But do pay attenetion at that time too

Step 4: Finally your keyboard will be configured properly. As most of us must be the using the US Keyboard Layout. So, at the end the prompt will say that which layout has been chosen by you after answering the questions and you can confirm that it must be US.

You can see your keyboard layout by: Setting -> Time & Language -> Language -> Keyboard. Make sure that the keyboard layout set by Ubuntu is same as that of your keyboard’s layout. If its not the same then you can Go Back and redo the Keyboard layout part again.

I hope this solves your problem :tada:

you should use keyboard(US)

thanks @vishalvats2000. It helped me

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thanks @mitanshudodia2002

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