Visualization With Google Library

It will be showing this error in first project of bolt iot after configure the data visualization… what i do??

@bushrayasmin1998 Would you please send a screenshot of your code you have written…It will help to find the error…

okk… below image is a screenshot of code.

That error is due to some incorrect cookie caching in session variable that is not related to your code or device.
Your code is perfectly fine and the page will continue to work as desired.
Please ignore that error.

@bushrayasmin1998 your code is correct…But I think as you are taking the live data to plot your graph so there is maybe some issue with the connection…I suggest you to repeat the process by reconnecting your device again and take atleast 20 data and press deploy configuration to get more frequent data…
Hope this will help…Let me know if it works…

The connection is not the problem. $cookie is a PHP variable that is being mistaken as a function from the server-side scripts. We as client-side only get the html output so there is an underlying error with the web page code.

I again configure the hardware and change the browser… i run this project in Mozilla Firefox, this project run properly no error show but in Chrome again run same project it will showing error but why??

Might be the difference of parsing engines. That error will not cause any problem you can continue to work in any browser of your choice.


@bushrayasmin1998 As @SahilKr24 has mentioned, the issue is not due to your code.
It is due to some browser extension that is blocking some cookies.

Not to worry, this will not affect your graph. You can continue to proceed as normal. You can also use on a different browser as you had tried in case if you want to remove it.

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@bushrayasmin1998 you can try clearing past cache on your browser. You can find the option in the settings. Hope your problem will get resolved.:smiley: