Visualization with scatter graph and area graph

my graph is not similar as shown,please help me…

and this is the graph explained in the course of boltiot :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:


You need to use the below command to plot the scatter graph. Replace the area Graph on your code with below line -


i m getting different graphs
one for"scatterGraph"
and the other for"areaGraph"

but in the course they are getting the graph attached below while they type"areaGraph"…

but i m not getting the smae graph as theirs…


It could be an update from Google Charts. But that shouldn’t matter. All-in-all the Area graph is plotting a graph as an area on the chart.

You can continue with the training, and post on the forum one post at a time regarding your query. And please try to keep similar queries under the same thread. Instead of making duplicate posts of the same query.

Let me know if you have any other doubts.

isn’t the graph plotted will be different from the given graph ? as the exposure of our light intensity sensor to light would be different? may be exposure to sunlight would be more or less as compared to the given samples!


That depends on your own piece of data. If you consider using the LDR for sunlight, make sure it is somewhere in the top, so that when it’s evening, it gets dark on the LDR.
Otherwise, you can obstruct the light with any coverings.

The reading provided by us was an example of a natural sample.

But when students and users like you test, you can just take a few samples and make changes manually to test, to check if the readings are working fine.

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