Vmware Copy Paste

I want to know how to enable copy paste in Vmware from host machine to guest machine and vice versa.

P.S - There is no Guest isolation showing in guest machine Manager

And if i uninstall the VMware , Will my files and folders removed permanently .?

You can share files between the virtual environment and the host machine using shared folders. in case you want to copy-paste text, you can do it by sharing it between both as a file. The following link shows how to share files between a Linux virtual environment and a windows host machine.

If you uninstall VMWare you can choose either to delete all the environments you have created or to keep it. If you choose to keep it, you can use it later or copy it to another host machine and use it there.

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The shared folders section is not active in my vmWare what shall i do know its inactive i am not able to make any changes

copy and paste clipboard content between the host and guest computers, guest isolation must beenabled. To do this, open VMware Workstation, and go to Virtual Machine Settings .
When prompted to download VMware Tools, select Run setup.exe program to begin the installation
If VMware Tools is not installed, press Windows + R . Then enter D:\setup.exe (Where D: is your virtual CD-ROM drive). Then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process. When you are done, restart VMware.