Vmware error after opening it

my VMware is not taking any input from my keyboard and it’s shown like this after i am opening it.

@baratamrohith007 You have to click on the screen of Vmware ,it will ask you
login id :_

Hello @baratamrohith007
You can also use linux subsystem for windows to use ubuntu terminal. You can watch the video regarding the setup for the same.

i have already tried to do that ,then also it’s been not asking any login or password .
it’s been showing like this.

In some systems, VM ware results in errors or disturbance like not working etc.
So, I suggest you to use the Virtual Box instead of VM ware. As Virtual Box is easy to install and for using.
And follow the same instructions provided in course while installing and accessing the ubuntu. It will be easy and good to use when you install as per instructions provided