VMware or virtualbox

I want suggestion regarding which software is safe and easy to install and operate - VMware or virtualbox?

You can use any of them as both are the fast and reliable virtual machines.

@tanisha.gite ok being silly VMware is smaller than Virtual box in size by some 20-30 MB :grin::sweat_smile:

VMware works better than VirtualBox as per usage, because VMware is a paid software. You could just use the virtual machine for testing, VirtualBox can be a good choice as it is free. But if you need to use the virtual machine usually, I suggest to choose VMware, because it works more smoothly.


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Manasa Jagannadan

Both are good but during installation you need to be careful with virtualbox but with vmware it is straight forward
after 3-4 days vmware stopped working yesterday i installed virtual box it is easy to work then vmware
both are having its own pros and cons
i prefer virtualbox

virtualbox is better

@tanisha.gite According to me, virtualbox is better because virtualbox is free and opensource while vmware isn’t.( Vmware’s free version is also very limited )
And also due to its opensource nature, you will get a lot of support for virtualbox compared to Vmware.

Hi tanisha.gite
According to me, both are good but it comes down to preference, Virtual box being opensource has more advantages as the bugs will be fixed easily. But for heavy use VMware is good. By the way, I was using VMware and after a few days, it stopped working. So, u go with Digital ocean droplet and otherwise Virtual box.

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@tanisha.gite from my view VirtualBox is better as it is supported by oracle

It all boils down to personal preference in the end because i have worked on Virtual Box for quite a some time now and i like it. If u are still confused do check out this link for further information:-https://www.quora.com/Which-is-better-for-virtualization-VMware-or-VirtualBox

Tip:- Do Remember to enable the Intel VTx-Virtualization Technology in advanced settings of BIOS when you boot your host machine because without it VMs wont work.

In my opinion VM ware is better than Virtual box. Because if you are going to use Virtual Box then you need to enable VTx-Virtualization which is present in the bios setting of your computer, and if you will be using VMware this bios setting will be done automatically. Also sometimes running vm-machines in virtual box leads to installation problem and kernal panics specially if you are a linux, whereas VMware literally doesn’t show up this type of problems frequently. So if you want to use VM technology is better to go with VMware if you are using Windows but if you are a linux user then you don’t have a choice you have go with VirtualBox./

Workstation/Fusion is obviously the better choice is you already work in a VMware environment, as it will provide better compatibility with VMware servers and data management tools. Overall, probably a better choice for enterprise use.

according to me vmware kind of is slower than virtual box by the way installation for both is easy but virtual box is more easily installed

Both are good but i prefer virtualbox. It is much easier to install. Also, you get the complete VirtualBox for free.

Oracle provides VirtualBox as a hypervisor for running virtual machines (VMs), while VMware offers multiple products to run VMs for different use cases. Both platforms are fast, reliable, and contain many interesting features.
for more depth information about VMWare vs Virtualbox go through this article which may help you.

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Hi @tanisha.gite , the installation process for VMware is straight forward as compared to Oracle Virtual Box. So, i would suggest you to install VMware.

Hello Tanisha. gite, according to my personal opinion i would say that VMware is better than Virtualbox. Although both of these are really advanced and fast in performance but when we talk about VMware then it is considered to be the hub in giving virtualization solutions in the business of IT these days. Check more about both of them from https://appuals.com/install-windows-10-vm-vbox/ . Oracle offers VirtualBox as a hypervisor to deal with virtual machines (VMs) though VMware gives more than one products for running VMs in various cases that are in usage. Both of these platforms are really fast, trust-able, and add a huge variety of interesting features. VMs give a safe isolated setting for all your virtualization software requirements like analyzing new OS or testing patches. While VirtualBox functions with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, VMWare functions on Windows and Linux. You can pick the one that you think suits your needs in the best way.