Voice Controlled Lighting using 'Ok Google!'


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5 minutes, 4 steps and "Ok Google turn on the lights"

After clicking ‘Write Digital Output’,where to write the command?


After clicking ‘Write Digital Output’,where to write the command?


@rohitkg1998 @roshnidash827

You need to first generate your own digital write command by referring to the command mentioned in step 3 of the project.

Please make sure you replace the API_KEY and DEVICE_ID with your own. You can find both these values from the cloud dashboard.

Below is the detailed explanation of the command.


The parameters that you need to replace are:
API_KEY: You can get it from API tab on cloud dashboard.
PIN_NUMBER: Pin to which you have connected the LED/Bulb. Values can be either 0,1,2,3 or 4
HIGH/LOW: This value indicates if you want to turn on/off the pin. HIGH will turn on, LOW will turn it off
DEVICE_ID: The id of your device. You can get it from cloud dashboard.

So the final command will look like this[Please do not use this command directly. you need to replace your own values]:


The above specific command will turn ON the LED connected to PIN 0 of device BOLT13819450.

Entering the command on IFTTT.
Enter the command you just created in the webhook url of IFTTT applet that you’ll be creating.
Refer the project to know how to do it step by step.


In this project, if I use a LM35 sensor, how can I make Google Assistant to speak out the current temperature when I trigger it?


Hi @nv17838,

No, the current project does not have any method by which you can make google speak out the temperature reading.