VPC Network only shows a 'Default' Option

My VPC Network doesn’t show a ‘No’ option. Only a Default selected option.
Is it okay if I leave it as it is?


What did you choose your data center as?

If Bangalore, then keep it as it is.

Okay yeah I had selected Bangalore
And also I did not receive any mail from Digital Ocean regarding the credentials. So which email/password am I supposed to use in Putty? The ones when I created the droplet? @akshayan.sinha


Yes. use the same email. Follow the training video for the steps.

And if there are any changes required in the training videos.
Let me know that as well.

@akshayan.sinha Okay, so I need to use the IP mentioned in my droplet in putty configuration and the email, password which I created while configuring droplet?
No need to wait for the droplet ocean’s credentials mail?

When I used my Droplet IP in Putty Configuration I am getting this message



Click Accept.

@akshayan.sinha Can’t type anything


Did you put the IP address you received on your email?

Sir that is what I mentioned earlier that I did not receive as such mail yet.


When you signed up to Digital ocean, you received a confirmation mail on your email ID right?

You will receive the IP, usernam and password in that email ID itself. If you haven’t received yet, wait for sometime and also check your spam/junk folder.

If you don’t receive it even after 12 hours, get in touch with the support team, or delete and create a new droplet.

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Yes, I did check every folder. I will wait absolutely. Thank You

@akshayan.sinha This is what they replied. They no longer sent the credentials mail. What am I supposed to do next now?


In that case, the IP you inserted in the PuTTy configuration, it was from your droplet, right?

Have you made the configurations exactly the same as given in the training? (except the IP address)
Make sure you have selected SSH, and click Open.

If you still get the blank screen, then let me know.

@akshayan.sinha Thank you for your assistance. But there is one more issue.
I can login now, but when I use my Email Id and password; it shows access denied.
Instead when I used root as Username and similar password(which I created in Droplet) it works.
It didn’t ask for new password creation so I used ‘sudo passwd root’ command to create a new password.

Is that okay?


Yes that’s a correct followup. You’re good to go.

In the training it was mentioned to use the username and password and not email ID. By default the superuser access is supposed to be used, i.e. username as root.

Not only for this, any day in future when you’d use a linus OS, the default admin access is with the user root.

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