Vps interfacing device

I have typed the program given in the lecture on the ubuntu platform but it is not executing the code by saying that there is a syntax error in the try statement
even after rechecking the code it is showing the same error please guide me out of this problem!(upload://tde0iNElczqI15YQQpC7G2tpqgM.jpeg)

@alok99punj hii can you please send the code so that i can check it :face_with_monocle:

@alok99punj u need to put a colon( : ) after your if statement
the correct code is mentioned below
if sensor_value>max_value or sensor_value<min_value:

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Thank you so much sir I will try and if I have any error I will tell

It is again showing a syntax error
This is the problem I am facing

in line 11 close the print statement
print("Sensor value is: " + str(data[‘value’]))