VPS Ubuntu & Vm software

Hi, guys can you please help me with this as, I am wanting to install VPS throuhg help of VM software link given by bolt iot platform,the VM software is asking me to clear/loss of data as it wants to reboot my disk.
Can you please help me with the same.

I am not able to understand what to do it asking my disk to reboot in both vm and also virtual machine

hi, @darshanpatgar24
Apologies for late response
this might help : Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS Install - Step by Step Guide - (Beginners Tutorial and Bonus! Web Server) - YouTube
and also if its asking to reboot the disk you should first give the partition or the disk you want the O.S to be installed in, the rebooting is the part of the process.
Also you can refer to this : VPS (Virtual Private Server)