Want to change the email id

i accidentally connected my bolt iot device with my work email id and with not the one I purchased the order.
now everytime i try to link my device with the personal email id i used i cannot link it since it already in use and im not getting the option to delete or edit my personal innformation for my email.

If you login to your account then at the top right corner you will see your profile icon, click on it then select edit profile option there you can see your name and email, beside this you can see edit profile section, click on it there you can change your email id. Is this what you asked for? Let me know if it helps.

It worked thank you very much

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Happy to hear that. Mark as problem solved.

hey it is not working in my case. What should I do now?


Please mail from the old email ID to me, mentioning that you wish to transfer your account from the old to the new one.

My Email ID - akshayan.sinha@boltiot.com


Can you please mention, which Email ID is the device and training linked with?

Whichever email ID you used during buying the course, the training will be available only on that email ID.

We can help in unlinking your device from the old email ID so that you can repeat the process to link with the New Email ID.

I used confusedgirl02@gmail.com this id while buying the course and the training is also available on this id.
But my Bolt Wi-fi module is connected to my another id which is kaushikishika99@gmail.com.


We shall unlink the device from kaushikishika99@gmail.com and update you here for the same.

You can then use the same process to link it with your other email ID.

Okay thank you so much :slight_smile: