Want to communicate bolt with a esp8266 module

i need to know how to communicate the bolt to the esp8266 wifi module for the arduino my project is that i want to turn a bulb on and off wireless by using the internet by sending signals from the wifi module to the bolt

You can use Ajax for read your sensor value then use if loop to give condition for your pins whether you want to high or low.

You do not need any other ESP8266 or Arduino for controlling bulb. I think one Bolt and one Relay is enough to achieve your requirement. You will find all the content related to Bulb in AC devices using BOLT section of the workshop.

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I have done this and man this is very easy, first of all you should refer to this: https://www.hackster.io/nitro/5-minutes-4-steps-and-ok-google-turn-on-the-lights-cedc45

after going through this follow these steps:

  1. Create an applet on this IFTTT platform and enable any GPIO pin of Bolt Wi-Fi module.
  2. Open a new project in Arduino…and write code given in the link below.
    code link: https://github.com/MauryaD/IoT-projects/blob/master/pinTest.ino
  3. Now complete the circuit and burn the code into Arduino and then give the command to your device with Google Assistant.
  4. Now Enjoy.!!