Want to save the previous data in cloud

sir when i unlinked my device from BOLT cloud then all my previous data are lost . is there any way to save them permanently ?? even by any chance if my device is offline then immediately i lost all the data …

First try connecting to one wifi network only. Also while writing the code on the boltiot platform, make sure you have clicked on the save button above. also unlink the module when it is online. Let me know if any concerns.

Hi @rishabhgarai33,

We will help you out with this issue.

Could you please specify the type of data you are referring to? If you are talking about the data collected by the Bolt WiFi Module when connected to a sensor, my response would be as follows:

The data collected is dependent on the specific product to which the device is linked. The data remains intact unless you delete the product. To view the data collected when linked to a particular product, you need to reconnect the device to that product, configure the connections, and you will be able to access both previously collected and live data.

If you intend to unlink your Bolt Device from the Cloud, you can download the data using the provided download option in the Bolt Cloud.

If you are referring to different data, kindly provide more context so that we can respond to you accordingly.

Yeah, sure. I had the same sh1t. It was very frustrating.

As mentioned by @rohit.ts this issue should not happen. We were trying to check your order in our system but we are not able to find any information. Please share the email id that you have used to place the order so that we can help you out with the data issue.