Web development Course

How can i see the description of a video as this is my first time using bolt and the links to the images are in the description. So i am unable to complete my project

As I understand, your problem is that you can see the image link in video but not in the description. So you can simply scroll down that video tab for viewing the link in description.

I hope this will solve your problem.
If this will not solve your problem you can share the photo of your problem OR describe your problem in brief so i can understand it better and will try to solve it.

Looking forward for your reply

Thank you for responding but I am unable to see the video description even after scrolling. The video is visible to me but the description is not at all present in the window.

Can you share that video link or that Topic name. So that I can check it from my side, If that is from IoT & ML Training.

That topic is from the Web Development courseā€¦