Web development Project submission

Is there any deadline for web development project submission. I had finished the training recently.

Hi @anujmishra50276,

Yes, you have to submit it by end of August, 2021.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance,

And sir, is it necessary to do voice-over or should we just need to submit it …

Hi @anujmishra50276,

Voice over is required. By doing this, You will be able to explain your code better and it can help in your confidence building.

Sir, one more question.
May I use some sort of library. After training I learnt a little, so may I use them?

Hi @anujmishra50276,

Yes, you can use any JavaScript or CSS library.

Sir, I have one more query, that submission of project will end with getting internship certificate or there will be live internship.

Hi @anujmishra50276,

You will be getting the certificatee after completing your project. There is no live internship.

Do let me know in case you need further assistance.

Sir, I have submitted my web development project review video yesterday. But I haven’t received my internship certificate. Please guide me.

Hi @haridasat,
Can you please share your email? In case you submitted a valid project and product review, you will receive the certificate within 1 week of submission.

Are you asking for the email or email id? Also, with whom should I share it ?

Hi @haridasat,
We have received your request on support@boltiot.com. If you have submitted a valid project and review, our team will send you the certificate as soon as possible.