Web page creation

I created my first webpage using html and when I am browsing for the web page using other device I am not able to find the webpage which I have created

First of all make sure you have successfully uploaded the html webpage to your BOLT device.

Also, make sure you are in the same network as the bolt device.

There are two options for doing so-

  1. If you are using BOLT in AP mode(HOTSPOT), then connect your mobile/laptop to bolt’s network. Then open the webpage by entering the bolt’s IP address.
  2. If you are using BOLT in station mode ie, you are connecting it to a router, then connect your other device (mobile/laptop) to the same router. After this, use the software Advanced IP scanner to find the IP address of your bolt device. Then open any browser and enter that IP address in the URL and also the name of your webpage.
    where is the IP address of your BOLT
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Are you currently working on the topic of Introduction to HTML? If yes, then note that the HTML pages that you have created are on your local system and hence it will only be available on the device where they are stored. For you to be able to access the HTML page from any device on any network, you need to host it on a server.

Let me know if this answers your question or if you still have any doubts. I will be happy to help.

The answer given by @agarwal.swapnil640 is correct but it is related to Bolt version 1 but I believe you have Bolt version 2 device for which it is not applicable.

@pranav.kundaikar.inv Could you please point me to a link that states the changes in Bolt ver 2 from Bolt ver. 1.

Thanks in advance!!!

I do not have a link specifying all the change in Bolt version 2 from version 1. Apologies for the same. However a few of the differences are that it is less than half the size of Bolt 1. Also we have removed the local network control and now it is purely via the Bolt Cloud over the Internet. This means that the users have lot more flexibility of controlling and monitoring the devices. Also we have reduced the number of GPIOs based on the user feedback and number of pins utilized in their projects.

Apart from this there has been a lot of fine tuning that has been done at the user experience level to make the setup and project integration very quick and easy.

Thanks for the response.
So, in BOLT 2, there is no such thing as webpage, but just the bolt cloud api which can be called via php, or python.

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