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How do I convert my .html file to .com file and make it searchable on the internet.
For example:
When I open my website page in the browser, it shows the address like this:

So, how do I convert this address into:

hi @akshaykumar.kumar198
To convert .html to .com first you have to buy the domain .com from the internet.then to publish your website to open internet, you have to host your website.for this you have to pay some amount every month.
if you want to publish your website for free then you have to use free domain like webhost,heroku etc.
if this help,pls reply.

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Hi @akshaykumar.kumar198,

To publish your page to on web you will require two things.

  1. Domain

  2. Hosting
    a. Shared Hosting
    b. Dedicated server

  3. Domain name- First you need to purchase a domain name form domain name provider. For example. from Bigrock, Godaddy etc.

  4. Hosting:
    After purchasing the name you have to purchase the hosting plans from a cloud provider then you have to link your domain with your cloud provider.

a. Shared Hosting: If you are using shared hosting from Hostgator, GoDaddy, etc then they will provide you a dashboard called Cpanel. Using Cpanel you have to just upload your HTML file and you will be able to access your html code form anywhere in the world.

b. Dedicated server: If you have a dedicated server for example; from Digital ocean, AWS then you have to manually install the webserver (Apache, Nginx, etc) on the server and push your HTML file inside var/www/html/ and link the domain with your server and you will be able to access it from anywhere.

Check this video (In this video they are purchasing the domain and hosting from the godday)

Do let me know in case you need any other information.

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