WEMOS Board control

Can i use wemos board instead of arduino uno/mini/nano using tx-rx connection stream?

Yes you can. But why do you want to use Bolt? WeMos has an ESP8266 module on it already.

for the final project :sweat_smile:
actually i found that wemos is cheaper then arduino
so I am buying that one and later I will do all the projects on wemos

WeMos is cheaper than Arduino? Both are of almost same price.
If you are getting yourself WeMos mini, it wont work like Arduino.

In the same price, you get Arduino Pro mini (atmega328p).

Arduino Originals (made in Italy) are surely costly. Made since its an open source Dev Board, many manufacturers are building it and selling in much cheaper price.

If you want me to, I can drop you some product links. Buying another wifi module will do no good. Unless its NODEMCU.

please do provide some links as it will be a great help

What’s your Budget?

300-400 max i can spend on the arduino

@shubham11gupta10 Can you share what project you are planning to build?

actually i am working on home automation system which will work on its own as someone enters the room through a counter