What are the specification of microcontroller used in bolt iot

Hello, I just started building projects on bolt. I would like to know more about the details of micro controller used in bolt module.2) it is about programming bolt module: It is explained in the video that any language can be used to program bolt module my question is is there any specific syntax for programming bolt like arduino have particular style, PIC have some style and 8051 with some syntaxes so what is the base for programming bolt module?When I have gone through your website I found somethnig interesting regarding BOLTDUINO when are you going to release the product, I could not find it on amazon where should I buy that?


Hi @raviteja427kalluri,

The controller used in the Bolt WiFi module is the ESP8266 produced by Espressif you can use the link below

As for the line “any language can be used to program the Bolt WiFi module”, this is possible because of the remote API that we provide.
Since almost all programming languages now-a-days have the capability to make a web request, your programs can make these API calls and control the Bolt WiFi module.
You can read up more about our API calls in the below link

As for the Boltduino, we have currently suspended the production of the product.

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