What does the buzzer look like?

what does the buzzer look like? how to connect the buzzer? Please give images of the circuit too.


You can take reference of https://bgsu.instructure.com/courses/1157282/pages/tutorial-active-buzzer to know about a buzzer and its function. Similar to an LED, it can be connected directly to any of the GPIO pins of the Bolt Module.

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Hello There,
Buzzer is provided in the BOLT IOT & ML Training kit. It is a small black cylindrical hardware. Positive end of the buzzer has longer wire and the negative end having shorter wire. This information will be helpful while connecting this hardware device.

Buzzer has two legs like longer leg and shorter leg. The longer leg is positive pin of buzzer and shorter leg is negative pin of buzzer. Mainly buzzer is output device. This information is sufficient for connections and deeply information or reference this website is useful for youhttps://codevele.com/tutorials/arduino/how-to-use-a-buzzer-arduino-tutorial.html

I believe that you are working on the “Safety Alert system” which is a part of the “Home Automation” module and require circuit connections for the same. I hope the attached image clarifies your query regarding the buzzer and also the circuit connections.

Negative - shorter leg - Ground (Grey wire)
Positive - longer leg - GPIO pin 0 (Black wire)

Hii Riya…thank you so much for sharing the pic and the info…it’s a great help. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: