What does the value in bolt cloud represent for plant monitoring project?

Like the value changes,but what does the value represent?
What is the unit of the value?

Resistance is inversly proportional to the amount of light fallen onto the ldr. So, I think the values are in Ohm.


The ADC on pin A0 of the Bolt module is a 10-bit ADC meaning it has the ability to detect and convert voltage to 1,024 (2^10) discrete levels.

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Value represents the luminous intensity.

As the light intensity increases, so voltage of analog input pin also increases. The bolt then converts that voltage a 10 bit digital value that varies from 0-1024

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For the LDR, the resistance is inversely proportional to the light intensity experienced by the LDR. As a result of increased intensity, the resistance across the terminals of the LDR increases.

Here we use a potential Divider circuit, It has two resistors ( 1 LDR and one normal) connected across constant voltage between 0 -3.3V. As the light intensity increases, the voltage drop across the LDR decreases. To balance this drop, the voltage across the normal resistor increases and is measured by the A0 pin. ( the 10k ohm resistor has been connected between ground and A0).

The A0 pin in the bolt Wifi module, to which the LDR is connected, is a 10 bit ADC pin. It means it can show 2^10 (1024) values ie. from 0 - 1023. So it converts the analog value of the voltage to a digital value between 0-1023.

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