What is documentation

  1. While submitting the project I saw innovative challenge documentation acess of your project (codes, files)What should it contains ??
  2. What is different between innovative challenge project documentation and innovation challenge documentation access ??

Sir I have send you the link of screenshots you can refer that

Don’t get confuse about that. The first column says that u want to submit your project details in the form of PDF file that it must contain all details about you designed project. The second column says that u want to upload your project code and photos only.Thank you.

Thank you
Can I download PDF directly from Google (as l didn’t start my course I’m not getting perfect idea to make PDF)

no this can done after u comlete your own project.

But December 31is last date to submit the project, so I think I should submit the innovative project before 31
So can I download PDF directly from Google

go through this once and you will understand how can you add inovation challenge

Sir can I get schematic diagram for light monitoring system

@sreejavijayagiri Try using Fritzing software. It will help you visualize the connections between different components.

my project is controlling led using Google assistant, when I want to sign-in I’m getting this page, I have tried many times

Please help mee

@sreejavijayagiri You are not using the Bolt App. Please let me know what you are trying to do so that I can help you.

Documentation refers to the description of the porject you have made along with the specifiastions about the components used .It can also include the necessary steps involved in making of the project and configurations of the components . Documentation of the project requires related images of circuit to describe how to connect the circuit and how it looks after connection.