What is mul factor in the codes? what effect does it give in the results?

The “mul” for polynomial regression graph is 0.097?
where as “mul_factor” in configuration file for anomaly detection file is 6?
Is both of them are different???

Yes, both of them are different. ‘mul_factor’ in anomaly detection is to set the closeness of the bounds to the actual readings curve. If ‘mul_factor’ is large then the bounds are away from the readings curve and vice versa. Whereas ‘mul’ in polynomial regression graph is to convert the sensor reading to degree Celsius.
The formula is
temperature (Celsius) = (100 x sensor value)/1024
temperature (Celsius) = 0.097 x sensor value [as 100/1024 = 0.097]
Basically mul(x) multiplies the input values (readings from I/O pins of Bolt module) with ‘x’ (which can be any value specified by the programmer).