What is penny.boltiot.com?

I was drafting my project documentation at the bolt’s official project submission site. While reading the guidelines from this article. I got to page which is penny.boltiot.com. What is it and more importantly where to get the login credentials for that?


It is a mediawiki page for boltiot. Customers don’t have access to this.
There is no such specific rule for adding images or schematics.

Let me know if you face any issues while adding images or videos.

Okay. I thought it must be useful to go through the link.


We’ll update the blog with accurate details soon.

Okay. There are also a lot of typo errors there. Updating that blog will be helpful for future

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@akshayan.sinha the project submission site seems down at the moment. Please look into the matter so that I can work on the article.

I have not locally stored the article anywhere. WIll it be retrieved from the last saved stage or it will be removed? It will be very bas if I can’t retrieve it somehow


If you have saved your post, then it will be there.

You can anyways access the cached page of the site, and copy the post, in case you wish to continue your flow of documenting.


I can access it from my side. Have you tried a different browser?

Yes, but now its working