What is python boltiot package?

sudo pip3 install boltiot

What action is the above statement performing??
I understood that we are installing python3-pip package from ubuntu server and then we are installing boltiot from pip3??
What does that mean??

Pip3 relies on Python Package Index which is a software where versions of community-managed modules are maintained. Pip3 is a version of the pip installer for python3, which can download and configure new python modules with a simple one line command. So by running the given command you are installing bolt library for python 3

Hello @chakitbhandari93,
First of all, we are not installing python3-pip package from the ubuntu server. Ubuntu server is just a medium through which we are going to execute our commands. and we are going to install the python3-pip package on the ubuntu server because in order to download any python library you need to use pip. Pip is a command saying python to download a library like we use apt-get install in Linux based system you will have to use this as you go forward with the course.

And boltiot is a python library created by the bolt. And it contains all the necessary methods and functions you will need to complete this course and to download this library you need pip.
I hope this solves your doubt.


Thank you so much @prajesh9921

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