What is the difference between <th> and <td>?

i find no difference in using

Please explain.
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command is mainly used to point the specific cell in the table header where as the command is used to create the table and in the command we can also insert the images and photos but in command we cannot insert the images
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Hi @vakadavamsi,

<th> tag is used for the header cell (Table heading) while <td> tag is used for showing the table data.

For example

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hi @vakadavamsi,
The basic difference between the tags < th > and < td > is that,
The tag < th > is used to indicate the table heading, which is given, as an informative detail about the table being designed.
Example in the given picture the “Name” is the < th >, i.e it is the heading of the entries to be made under it.

However the tag < td > represents the data filled in the rows. Example the various names and age given under the “Name” and “Age” headings.

Hope your query/doubt is resolved.


td refers to table data and th refers to table heading

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The text in

elements are bold and centered by default
The text in elements are regular and left-aligned by default
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“td” tag is used for the data to be inserted in the cell. whereas “th” is used to give the column attribute (or heading of the column). Eg: “NAME” is the table head (th) and “John” , “Harry” etc. will be the data (td) of that column.

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