What is the use of html in iot

In Bolt Iot course has mentioned about html then what is the use of html language into the iot projects.

Using IOT devices and programming language like python and Javascript you can fetch the data and do some operations on it. But after doing this in order to understand the output of the operations we need visualization of this data and output. HTML helps to develop web-based page and visualization tools to display the data. For a better understanding of customers or users of the product.

For Example:
Using of temperature sensor and BOLT IOT device we can collect the data of temperature. but when we want to visualize it on the web we need HTML.
HTML - Front End
Python/JavaScript - Back End
Sensors and IOT Devises - Hardware


HTML is used to show the world the output, in this case html is helpful like suppose a case in which your iot device need to fetch some data from the internet, to show what data is used and from where html is used and it acts as a front end. Another case is to show others the output of your iot device which can be used later by others, it helps in Data Visualization.

Bolt has provided a standard user interface that the users can use to interact with iot devices from your laptop or smartphones.
But in case you need a different user interface that can suit your purpose better, in this case html can be used to create the user interface.
Also we use javascript to write the commands for the iot, so html and javascript can work together with it.