What is the use of the push button switch?

What is the use of the push button switch provided in the kit and how can we use it?

@bikrammondal947 A Push Button switch is a type of switch which consists of a simple electric mechanism or air switch mechanism to turn something on or off.

You can use the push button switch to turn something on/off. It will remain on as long as you hold it pressed. It is given in the kit so that you can build projects with it.

Push buttons allow us to power the circuit or make any particular connection only when we press the button. Simply, it makes the circuit connected when pressed and breaks when released.

In this kit we’ve got one to use during building projects for enhancing our knowledge. It is a very useful IoT hardware component.

@bikrammondal947 Push button is a switching which would connect its 2 terminals only when the button is pressed for example you could use it with your bolt iot module and an LED to switch the LED on only if you press the push button.A practical example could be : If in an industry one of the worker found out that a certain system goes wrong he could give an alert if he has a nearby access to a pushbutton switch(a bigger one) so that evenif the sms or email is not delivered everyone will be alerted. Hope that helps

Push buttons allow us to cut the electric supply directly. It can be use for emergency cases like surver down, software crash, etc