What made you join the training by Bolt IoT? πŸ€”

What made you join the training by Bolt IoT? :blush: :thinking:

I would love to know so we can design future updates to the training accordingly. :muscle:t3:

I wish to build my career through python programming and to improve complex programming through python.
This made me to join the training with β€œBolt IoT”.

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I think human life is getting more easier and faster due to implementation of IOT in day to day life, so hence based on these i want to make new project using IOT which can make any cumbersome task easier and faster.


Thank you @shrutikapatil023 and @m22me009 for your response.

I came to know about Bolt IoT course from the institute email notification. After going through the program details, I wanted to explore further. I found the video tutorials to be very helpful. I have learned coding from other free web resources; but, opting for a paid course was a way of self-affirmation that I want to pursue it in the long run. Getting a Certificate is a Plus.

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I am currently doing Masters in Statistics. I came to know about Bolt IoT Python course through my university and it was very simple and very easy to understand as I was striving for to learn at least a single code in Python programming despite efforts being made by learning through internet and other sources. The training was very useful for me to develop simple programs and I also earned a certificate which is very worthy to me.

the internship oppourtunity attracted me the most whereas the certification course was also for short duration. and also gave us a certification .

I came to know about BoltIot from my institute’s teacher.
The low cost of such a specialised training catched my glance.
This would help me a lot in future ventures
Thank you!

I received the information about BoltIot through one of my professor and was interested in it as it had course with some projects and with internship opportunity.

To gain knowledge in the emerging field of IoT with Machine Learning which helps me in boosting my career and knowledge growth, thanks to bolt for providing this wonderful course.

Demand for IoT is increasing day by day. Bolt IoT with its great explanation and feasible cost gave me a good opportunity to work on my IoT skills. Bolt iot provides steps by steps guide and the evaluation process is also nice.

The course provided by Bolt IoT is very simple and easy to learn. The ones who are new to the python language would also be able to grasp easily the concepts taught. As the lessons taught were really easy to understand that even the newbies could understand hence I joined Bolt IoT. I wanted to improve my skills in python and wish to build a successful career in the same.